2020 Show Schedule

Twiggy: The Water Skiing Squirrel

It’s Forever Summer at Twiggy’s Lagoon! Come join Twiggy and her team for a family friendly, fun-filled, interactive show featuring Twiggy the World Famous Water-Skiing Squirrel! Learn about water safety, waterskiing and what wild things Twiggy gets into at her lagoon. This show is full of laughs, surprises and even features a special guest, Roxie, as Twiggy’s trusty lifeguard!

Friday: 1:30 & 3:30
Saturday: 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 & 4:30
Sunday: 11:30, 1:30 & 3:30

Bucky & Barry

Bucky & Barry have been called by The Savannah Morning News as a “ Savannah Institution”. They
have been entertaining locals and tourists alike for over 30 years with their brand of southern humor and charm. Recently voted as Savannah’s #1 band by Savannah Magazine, they continue to delight crowds
everywhere from Princeton University, down to Key West and everywhere in between. Playing hits from
Jimmy Buffet and James Taylor, to James Brown and Lynard Skynard, they can entertain young and old

Saturday Noon til 5pm
Sunday Noon til 4pm
Location – Outside by the River

Jason Courtenay

Jason is a local singer/songwriter who has been collaborating with several Nashville songwriters over the last 15 years.  He was a part of the inaugural Tybee Songwriters Festival last year, which featured Doug Johnson, Tony Arata, and Tom Schuyler.  Has been featured in Savannah Magazine, Richmond Hill Magazine, and Nashville Today.  His energetic blend of country and pop music is infectious , and crowds are drawn into his world after the first song. Playing music since he was 18, now in his forties, he still loves to perform and write songs about the part of the country he grew up in (The South)

Friday, 1pm – 5pm
Location – Outside by the River

Savannah Fishing Expo

The Savannah Fishing Expo will feature captains speaking about everything from understanding sonar to techniques and tips.

All seminars located in meeting rooms located behind the escalator in the River Concourse lobby. 


Captain Tony “Redfish” Gaskin

Saturday at 12:30pm
“Artificial Bait Techniques Coast to Coast”
Helpful hints to improve catching Redfish in different conditions and waters. From the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast. Win great prizes at this seminar!

Sunday at 1:30pm
“Boat Set Up for a Great Fishing Experience”
We will discuss lay out of tackle, gear, and safety equipment to make fishing and boating more enjoyable for the weekend Angler all the way to the Professionals. Win great prizes at this seminar!

Capt. Jimmy Armel, “American Fishing Charters”

From right here in Savannah, meet former Army Ranger Capt. Jimmy Armel of AmericanFishingCharters.com. Jimmy almost lost his life to his own hand through PTSD and alcoholism after medically retiring from combat related injuries. Fishing turned Jimmy’s life around and began a healing process which saved his life. He now “Pays it Forward” by helping his fellow sisters and brothers in arms to find peace through fishing.

Saturday at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm
“12 months on the Reefs”
Capt. Jimmy will give a how to guide on catching fish year around in Savannah less that fifteen miles from the beach.

Visit www.fishingtybee.com

Meet and Greet with Captain Tony “Redfish” Gaskin

From Hinesville, Georgia, Tony has been a Professional Redfish Angler for the past four years. He has competed on several Tours including the Inshore Fishing Association (IFA). He is sponsored by Sportsman Boats, Bass Pro Shops, Heybo Outdoors, Custom Marine, Magic Tilt Trailers, and many other companies.

Tony is coming off a 5th place on the Southern Redfish Cup Series and top 15 finish on the IFA Redfish Tour last year. Tony is member of the Southern Kingfish Association and is looking forward to the 2020 Tournament season. Tony will be at the show to share valuable information and answer questions.

Captain Tony “Redfish” Gaskin
Location – Booth 34 in East Concourse

Great fun for kids in the Coastal Kids Zone with Acrylic Pour Painting, Face Painting & Water-Resistant Tattoos with artist Lisa McCann of “Painted by Lisa”


Come join Captain Jack and his crew for an interactive tutorial on things you should know and do to be a pirate!, followed by a “Find the Captain” Scavenger Hunt.

Saturday and Sunday 1pm and 3pm
Located in meeting rooms located behind the escalator in the River Concourse lobby

Georgia DNR Fishing Simulator

Kids get their chance to catch “the big one” with Georgia Department of Natural Resources Fishing Simulator.

Located in the Exhibit Hall – Booths 109, 111 & 113

Mermaid Oracle

The mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where no human hand has touched, is where Mermaid Oracle calls home. She is called ‘Oracle’ for her magical gifts of foretelling the future and wise guidance, but her ocean friends call her Ori. Foretelling the future of the polluted seas and its impact on ocean-life and mankind alike, Mermaid Ori set out on a daring mission to swim to the surface and make contact with the humans, to teach them about the importance of keeping the oceans clean. When Ori popped her head above water she saw a giant pirate ship, with humans, sailing across the water. Swimming in slowly for a closer look, she quickly dodged what appeared to have been a bottle thrown overboard by the Captain on the deck! Overcome by her frustration, Ori grabbed the floating bottle and threw it back, hitting the Captain in the back of the head before it hit the wooden deck in a ‘thud’. He spun around to see a very angry mermaid staring back at him, and ordered his crew to catch her with their nets! As they hoisted the mermaid up, and onto their ship, the Captain became entranced by her beauty and quickly cut her loose from the nets. She explained her mission to the Captain, and asked him to take her along on his journeys to meet as many humans as possible, so she could get their help in saving the oceans. Caring for the ocean deeply, himself, the Captain agreed to help. And so, Mermaid Ori sails around from port to port with the Captain, sharing in his adventures and spreading her message of ocean conservation to every wonderful human she meets!

Virtual Skills Boating Trainer

Come test drive the virtual skills boating trainer, sponsored by Tybee Light Sail and Power Squadron.

Located in Booths 11 and 12